" " CNP is a joint project of research
agencies NMS Market Resarch,
Nielsen Admosphere and STEM/MARK
Our panel's main concern is the data quality. Our standards include:
  • Offline verification of respondents (mainly over the phone, partially Face-to-Face)
  • Double opt-in
  • Blacklisting of unreliable respondents (lie score)
  • Random recruitment (½ of the panelists is recruited via random phone # dialing)
  • Non-financial motivation of respondents (about ½ of the respondents give their incentive to preselected charity)

Our panel is robust, ready to serve even the most difficult RFQs
  • Today, we can manage over 94% of RFQs
  • We play fair - if we can’t do it, we would tell you that and explain you why not
  • We have over 50 000 of respondents in the structure similar to the Internet population
  • We have sub-panels on healthcare, automotive, mobile phone usage, personal finance, tourism, shopping habits, media, household, internet usage
If you would like to become a member of CNP, please go to the login page of CNP.